Defeating Klipa Amalek by Meir Ettinger





(The following is a loose translation of the first part of an article posted by Meir Ettinger on the 1st of August, 2016 in Hebrew on the website Kol HaYehudi)


Amalek’s klipa of hopelessness and coldness can be broken only with a stubborn knowledge and unshakable conviction that there is absolutely no such thing such as hopelessness in the world.

To win in our battle against Amalek, we need to be tenacious in our certainty that there is no hopelessness in the world at all.


Thoughts on a short video presentation of a suspect who allegedly admitted to taking actions against Arabs.

  1. “No choice” or “no hopelessness”

A couple of weeks ago, a short video was published featuring a Jew, who I do not know personally, who is suspected of taking actions of reprisals against Arabs. It appears that he broke down and admitted to investigators that he committed several deeds. The video allegedly explains why he broke down and why he made the admissions.

I do not know if this person did these deeds or not, and that was not the detail that interested me. What caught my attention was one particular aspect that captures the true reason about why this battle happens—the foundation of the dispute, if you will. Because, in this very place, are laying all the klipot of the powers that we must collect before the imminent geula.

When they asked him to explain why he admitted to these actions during the investigation, he kept repeating over and over the phrase: “no choice.” Also when he explained why he had changed his outlook on the world, (and it does not matter now, whether it is justified or not) he repeated and explained that there was “no choice.”

I asked myself, why was there no choice? There was a choice, and the truth is that had he remained silent over a period of one or two weeks, he and his friends would be walking around free today. The maximum he might have faced would have been restraining orders issued upon the moods and whims of the colonel and his buddies. There was no incriminating evidence against him, except his own confession. Why then, did he feel there was “no choice?”

The truth is that this concept of “no choice” has become an environment that is forced upon us from all directions and in all configurations, by the Shin Bet investigators, the media, and desperate politicians.

“You have to admit during the investigation. – Why? Because there is no choice. Why? Because! ”

“There is no magical solution to terrorism. Why? Because there is no choice. Says who? Because.”

“A Jewish state is not feasible, why? Because there is no choice.”

We are talking about things that are simply illogical and lacking any substance. Strange how they dare to say such things in the first place. How can you convince a person that he does not have a choice? Because in reality he has a simple and easy choice to not destroy the life of his friends or his own.

In the language of the Hasidim, this is called klipat Amalek—the aggression of chutzpah and rudeness that is governing wisdom. Amalek knows that there is no logic to his argument yet with impudence he repeats his false contentions. Because Amalek knows that in a world like this, lies can be absorbed and people will break if only he will make his case loudly and with confidence.

Rabbi Nachman of Breslev identified the klipa of Amalek in our generation as the poison of hopelessness. Hopelessness is in most cases illogical, because from the crevice in which a person finds himself, hopelessness cannot bring him to a better place. But Amalek continues to insist that there is no choice.

The secret of how to stand against a poison like this is to use exactly the same impudent strength, but of kidusha. In the face of the bellows from klipot Amalek about there being no choice, Rabbi Nachman screamed with a great voice, “there is no hopelessness in the world at all.”  Even if all wisdom and logic tells us that we are in a hopeless situation, we must stand up against it without any elucidation and say, “there is no hopelessness in the world at all.”

And this is the reason we must repeat to ourselves over and over, “there is no hopelessness, there is a choice.”

No one will break us. Why? Because.

The Jewish State is possible even if everything appears like a distant possibility. Just like that. Why? Because.

“In his hands, victory!”

[to be continued]

4 thoughts on “Defeating Klipa Amalek by Meir Ettinger

  1. Thank you!!! I had copied the Hebrew down from Neshama’s post earlier (unfortunately, I can’t find it now), and I was going to send it to you…and here it is, all done!


  2. I look forward to the continuation. I realize that only a portion of what I copied down is here. I meant to say I copied it from Nechama (Going Home…to Yerushalayim).


  3. Gavriela, you may want to uncover others who are among us…not only the Erev Rav and Klipat Amalek, but also Klipat Lavan.

    Lavan hates us about as much as Amalek, and his hatred is older; it seems to me that he (through his descendants) is the one pushing the “experimental study invention injection” jabs on us, among other things, many of which show absolutely no regard for us whatsoever, but absolute slavishness towards our enemies.

    Who knows, maybe his was the force behind the Gerushim of 2005 and those since then.


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