They Keep Trying to Silence the Voice of the Jewish Heart

fight-against-assimilation-intermarriageIt appears that the sole objective of the erev rav is to silence the Voice of the Jewish Heart. They attack us from every direction. What is the end goal: elimination of Torah Jewry. What are their methods: arrests, detentions, trials, slander and..get ready…encouraged assimilation.

Yes, the erev rav forbids anything related to Judaism to be made available in the schools but encourages all things related to Christianity (see recent events in Tel Aviv and Hertzylia). They do not want the children to be “Judaized.” Even the IDF encourages missionaries and restricts Rabbis.

Now, they come after Lahava who has saved and is saving thousands of Jewish women, some very young, who find themselves lured into abusive relationships with Arab men. What is the crime? In the eyes of the erev rav, intermarriage is just one of the many channels through which they destroy Torah Jewry. It reminds me of Australia. The government sponsored and implemented a program whose purpose was to eradicate the original inhabitants of Australia. How would it be done? They would “breed” out the race. This is what the erev rav wants to do through their encouragement of intermarriage and harassing of all those who fight for HaShem to save every Jewish child.

May Moshiach please be revealed soon. In the meantime, we must Resist!

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