The Hilltop Youth

This poem was penned by Meir Ettinger in Hebrew, translated and posted to Arutz7 on 17 May, 2016. For a true appreciation of the ikar, if one can, one should try to read it in Ivrit. You know it’s not easy for us to be heard The media hardly allows us a word And he […]

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The Credo of the Hilltop Youth

The following is an OpEd that appeared in Arutz7 ¬†on 29 May 2015 The credo of the “hilltop youth” is expressed in this article whose subject is the undercover police operation at Kochav Hashachar and the story of Elad Selah, an IDF soldier who has been jailed for alleged spying for the hilltop youth. Meir […]

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