Emergency Update

Meir Ettinger has been served with a new administrative order, two months before the existing one is due to expire. Now they have added to the order that he is forbidden from teaching Torah. This outrage cannot continue. Please share this post and we must organize a chain of outrage that reaches to the highest levels of this government.



4 thoughts on “Emergency Update

  1. Devorahrw:  I’m astounded. Not to teach Torah!! Is this Communist Russia? I’m so sorry for Meir, he’s been through so much.I print his writings on my blog each month, and now they won’t allow him to do this.I’ve forwarded this to many people, some in the media. Let’s see if something can be done. With the help of HKB”HNS


    1. It is outrageous! The erev rav is really strengthening…b’ezrat HaShem, before the fall! Also I do not understand why there is not a hue and cry about this. How can it be that our Rabbis do not care if someone is forbidden from teaching and dispensing Torah?? Where is our focus? Beseder, erev Shabbat now, next week, iy”h, we will know what to do.


    2. Funny…I have a poster on my wall, that I got from a friend who had printed out for a number of us, that says, in large Russian print: “Is this Israel or Stalinist Russia?” above a picture of Meir, and Hebrew and English below it. This was while he was still in jail.

      As I understand the globalist agenda, it is indeed to make a Communist world before it becoming an avodah-zarah world. I’m praying that this doesn’t get too far before haShem steps in.


      1. The irony–we keep returning to our past and yet we learn nothing from it. I share your tefilah, and do believe that HaShem will step in very soon. Until then, all we can do is dispense as much light as possible into a darkening world.


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